Sunday, 26 May 2013

HOW TO: Aquababe Eye

 Products I used to create this look were.... 

I used this as a primer for my eyeshadow and also as a highlight under my brow and on the inner corner of my eye.

I used this Australis palette called Karma. I used the yellow all over my lids and then the blue in my crease. I blended them together and then on the outer corners of my eye I add some more of the blue.
OH and I almost forgot i put under my eye to about half way.

I used this yellowish concealer on my waterline. I put it the whole way across.

I used my brow kit to fill in my brows next.

After filling in my brows i used my studio finish concealer with a flat brush under my brows to give extra definition.

Then I use liquid eyeliner on my top lashline.

Finally I layer on the Mascara!!!!

AND thats it! I hope you found this helpful!