Sunday, 28 April 2013

The newest of news!

I love trying new products and since 2013 is still pretty new, i thought i might share with you guys the MOST lust worthy products of 2013! All of these products are new and are ones i really really want to try out!
 OK so this Givenchy mascara is a 4 in 1 it is apparently meant to give you thick, long, impact full lashes and can be layered which is perfect for day to night time wear.
 This product gives the skin a lift and a glow! Its infused with Argon oil to give your skin a silky smooth feel and a photo shopped look.
These creme blushes are perfect for giving your skin a bit of a pick me up, the colours are so cute and are perfect for any complexion.

These cute lip glosses are perfect for when you want to add a little bit of colour but nothing to OTT, they aren't sticky which is something that always annoys me about lip gloss, so i defiantly want to try these out!

Let me know if you have tried or bought any of these products and if you recommend them!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Make Up BIBLES!!!!!

These two books are literally my bibles they give me SO much inspiration and helpful tips AND have amazing images inside.
 Make Up the ultimate guide by Rae Morris is full of make up looks and loads of different techniques from getting flawless foundation and perfect brows to application of false lashes. It has taught me so so much and when I am going out I always have a flick though to get some inspiration.
One of the many looks in the book
 The second book is called Make Up is Art, its filled with editorial looks and information about working with  cameras and lights and how to get good angles with the make up. It also incorporates makeup looks from different eras such as the 20's, 60's and many more! This book is a guide for make up artists and future make up artists. The looks in this book are very different and not ones that you could really wear out but are defiantly interesting.
This one of the more "tame" looks in the book.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Review: Benefit Fragrance

These cute little cocktail shaped perfumes are to die for! When I first found them I fell in love, they come in really cute boxes which look like little houses, each house reflects the personality of the scent, which sounds really weird but its true!!!

I bought Laugh with me Lee Lee (the blue one) about a year or so ago its a really fresh, floral, summery scent its quite lite and not too overpowering. So hooked on Carmella (the purple one) is my most recent purchase its quite a rich sort of scent, it smells like caramel and vanilla, when i first smelt it i thought of winter and being really warm, its a comforting smell!

Let me know if you have tried these out!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Review: REN skincare

Listen up everyone! This is UH-MA-ZING! I absolutely love this product it is fabulous!
when i was in Hawaii at the beginning of the year I was in sephora and a REN sales rep was there she told me what type of skin i have and what sort of cleanser i need. At first I was a bit sceptical about buying them so she gave me some samples and told me that she was confident that i would be back... I wasn't convinced though. Any who that night I tried them out before bed and the next morning as well within 24hours my skin looked way clearer and felt a lot smoother. The lady was right I did come back, they were a lot more than i would normally spend on my skin but i felt like splurging a little and it was defiantly worth it.

Left: Face Mask- $40AUD Right: Face Cleanser- $38AUD

When I was in Hawaii I did buy two of each, which should last me all year! Yippee!!!

I hope you guys found this interesting! Let me know if you have ever use REN or tell me about your favourite skincare product!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


 WOOO!!!! This is my first ever FOTD!!! Let me know if you like it! :) My look was inspired by coral tones and i felt like doing something with a bit of extra umph! Sooo... with out further a-do here it is :)

  • Clinique superbalance makeup in breeze
  • MAC studio finish concealer NC15
  • Sephora sculpting disk Blush Bronzer
  • Sephora sculping disk Highlighting powder
  • Becca eye tint 
  • Beilizi Frost Palette, white, apricot, orange and bronze
  • Sephora soft mauve 
  • Sephora Liquid Liner
  • MAC extreme dimension lash
  • prestige brow shaping kit medium to dark 
  • Chi Chi Red (not sure exact name)
  • highligh powder for 3D effect in centre of my lips
  • Nivea Lip Balm to seal it all in ;)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

6 Products I Couldn't Live Without tag

This was a challenge! I found 6 things I most use :) l probably could live without them BUT these are the products that I adore and always find my self buying again and again.

1. Clinque Superbalanced Make Up: OK so this foundation i have been using for quite a few years, i have tried other foundations in between but have always found myself going back to this one. It absorbs oil where oil-control is needed and moisturises where hydration is needed, this gives a very even look.

2. Revitanail: This little floozy is wonderful, i have only been using it for about a month but it has worked absolute wonders on my nails! they are really strong and don't peel or break...EVER!

3. M.A.C studio finish concealer: LOVE. LOVE. LOVE IT! This little pot of magic has the best coverage of any concealer I've ever used AND its SPF 35!

4. Prestige Brow Perfection Brow Shaping Studio: this little palette has everything you need to get perfect brows! It comes with eyebrow shaping stencil, tweezers, brow powder and a brush. I use it every day!

5. M.A.C extreme dimension lash: This is one of the best mascaras out! It lifts and lengthens all in one stroke, i love it. oh oh oh and it doesn't clump!

6. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture: Love this! It's so light and can go under make up as a primer. It also has SPF 15 which protects my skin during the whole day.

I tag everyone who hasn't done this yet! Let me know how you go! 

Bee Lining....

I have been self diagnosed with sale obsession! When it comes to shopping I always want to find the best deal and also spend a little and get a lot. Every time I walk into a shop I head straight to the sale section and when there isn't one, well I probably look extremely weird as I walk out two seconds later!
The other day I was in General Pants (my favorite shop!) and I found two paires of Cheap Monday jeans for only $50 (i know, i know...amazing!) they are normally about $90 each! So I was pretty excited when I found these little beauties!
Another fab find of mine these winter boots, I had been looking around for awhile for a new winter shoe because I have been wearing the same pair of Dr Martins for over a year (I am so in love with them) and i was thinking about getting a new pair but they are around $160! But yesterday I found a little boutique selling these boots for $40 they were literally perfect! they have some cool silver studs and have an almost western look! So I got them! I am very excited about them, they are to die for! 
Picadilly Black by Therapy

Day At The Beach

I was staying at my grandparents house over the weekend and one afternoon my sisters and I went down to the beach. It was really cold so we rugged up in warm clothes and boots. We skipped stones across the water and drew in the sand. The beach was quite rocky so we climbed over the rocks (we were careful not to slip!) The afternoon was truly fab!