Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ebay Make Up Haul

 I recently discovered the wonderful world of eBay; and boy oh boy I'm glad i did! I know eBay has been around for donkeys years but i never even thought about buying anything from there let alone makeup... So like JB said 'never say never' i had a little look around and found some great products at really good prices! So its safe to say i have been converted to an ebayer ( < new word?) and i am super happy about it.

I ended up buying four things, all of which i have been wanting for awhile now so i was very happy! 

These Brushes are soo good they are super soft and the case is adorable! The set cost me $30 which is amazing! I la la love them!

This highlighter is fabulous i seriously cant get over it! I have been using it every single day since i got it! I apply it to my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose to give me a healthy glow.

This doesn't even need an introduction! I have wanted this product for yonks! Its the best thing since sliced bread and i honestly dont know why i didn't buy it sooner (p.s. i will do a post reviewing this product soon)

This concealer palette was $2 from a Chinese ebayer and for the little amount i paid for it the colours are quite vivid and easy to blend. I received this today so I'm not sure if it lasts a long time but i will keep you posted!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed doing it! Oh and i just want to ask is it just me or is it so satisfying receiving packages in the mail! Its like Christmas to me! Ha ha