Friday, 14 June 2013

Products which I have been loving lately

Recently I have been spending probably a bit too much on beauty products... but never the less it makes for a great haul! One of my previous posts i did was all about how disappointing it is when a product is terrible this post is pretty much the opposite; it contains a bunch of goodies that i have fallen in love with, and hopefulkly you will too!

Firstly we have this clinique rinse-off eye makeup remover, it literally removes every last ounce of makeup; so you arent left with horrible black rings under your eyes when you wake up the next morning. Its fab for sensitive skin and even though its slightly scented its not offensive what so ever.

I can't get over how ingenious this product is! Its super handy for days when you are running late and forget to put on perfume. I kept this in my hand bag and would apply it on the whenever i had forgotten to spritz myself that morning. Unfortunatly it fell out of my bag at the gym and because its glass ( the one down side of this product) it smashed, i was so disapointed and on top of that had to clean it all up :(

Sea salt spray has been quite big in the last few years and this one is by far the best for creating big voluminous hair. It really does give your hair that "just gone swimming in the sea" feel and look. 

Best hairspray. Long lasting. Smells nice, unlike the normal "hairspray scent". Yeah so basically great not much more to say on this one. :P

Ok if you dont know what moroccan/argan oil is let me introduce you to is basically a leave in hair treatment that leaves your hairy looking shiny soft and luscious. I have tried multiple types of moroccan oils and this one is a really good dupe for the original moroccan oil. this one is $14 and the real one is $70 or $80 im not too sure which one but its not cheap.

I love love love this lip balm its great for adding a slight pop of colour for a day time look. Also whats even better is I won it! So it was free *yay*. there is swatch below V its quite sheer so hopefully you can see it ok :)

This scent is so delicious it smells of candy and lingers throught the whole day, I always get compliments on it when i wear it and its $3.50 which I think is a bit of bargain really!

Let me know if you like this post! Also if you have any tips of posts that you would like to see more of let me know in the comment section below :)



  1. I used to love Clinique makeup cleansers - they were really good just a bit pricey.

    1. Yeah they are!I want to find a dupe for it! :)

  2. I love Baby Lips! We are not allowed to wear tinted lip gloss to school but the tint that Baby Lips has blends so well that no one notices!


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