Thursday, 20 March 2014

Im Back!

Hello Everyone... well if there is anyone left...

I have severely neglected my blog and I'm sorry! Since my last update so much has happened. I guess first off i hope everyone had a great holiday over Christmas...yes its been that long and also happy new year! 2014 has started pretty well for me and i hope it has for all of you as well! This year is my last year of high school before I'm thrown into the big bad world EEEK!!! but to say I'm excited is an understatement i honestly can not wait to enjoy all the world has to offer. but for this next year it will be lots of hard work and not a lot of social life! So hopefully i will come out alive lol

Over the next month i have a few new blog posts lined up. The first is a skincare routine as i have completely switched my up as of a few weeks ago and am loving the improvements. The next is a review of my new favourite make up brand physicians formula! I love it so much gahhh! and lastly a celeb make up look... not sure who yet sooo if you guys have any suggestions please let me know!

YAY im am excited to start up again and hopefully i wont fail...again! but yeah talk to you guys sooon

lots of love Alana xoxo

P.S if you guys want you can follow my instagram @alanadavisonn it is my personal one and has wayyyy more updates :)


  1. Welcome back! Just a few more months and you'll be a graduate! Ahhh exciting!

    1. Thanks Ash! I know i cant wait!!! Im super excited!


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