Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Skin Make-Up Routine

Flawless skin is hard to get unless its photoshopped. I have tried so many different products to make my skin look perfect and so far havent been all that successful but i have found a routine which makes my skin look natural and covers uneven skin tone.

The products I use can all be bought from Priceline and are all relatively cheap.

I attached a photo of my face with all the make-up on it. This is also my everyday make-up, I wear it to school, work and out during the day.


I only need four brushes to create this look but if you don't own any brushes you can use your fingers.

Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation my colour is the lightest (51) (bit of a mouthful) is a very highly recommended foundation  used by some of my favourite youtubers such as Zoella and FleurDeForce. It is really easy to apply and gives a flawless look, the only down side is it's a light-medium coverage. I apply this with my foundation brush.


To set my foundation I use Rimmels stay matte powder in 002.I apply this all over my face and under my eye, over the top of my concealer (M.A.C studio finish NC15. It stops your foundation from coming off during the day. I definitely recommend this product! 

I find this bronzer is really easy to work with, it blends well and isn't shimmery so it can be worn everyday which makes me very happy. I love the look it gives, it really lifts the face and is a great contour.

Let me know if you use any of these products