Saturday, 27 April 2013

Make Up BIBLES!!!!!

These two books are literally my bibles they give me SO much inspiration and helpful tips AND have amazing images inside.
 Make Up the ultimate guide by Rae Morris is full of make up looks and loads of different techniques from getting flawless foundation and perfect brows to application of false lashes. It has taught me so so much and when I am going out I always have a flick though to get some inspiration.
One of the many looks in the book
 The second book is called Make Up is Art, its filled with editorial looks and information about working with  cameras and lights and how to get good angles with the make up. It also incorporates makeup looks from different eras such as the 20's, 60's and many more! This book is a guide for make up artists and future make up artists. The looks in this book are very different and not ones that you could really wear out but are defiantly interesting.
This one of the more "tame" looks in the book.