Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Make Up Haul: drugstore and high end

Australia is great for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches but when it comes to the range of makeup brands it is extremely limited so, i am extremely thankful to whoever got target in Australia to sell NYX and got Kmart to sell e.l.f and two other cheap makeup brands! I think it is so much fun new colours out, but when they $10 each its hard to get as many as you would like. As my friends would know I spend hours scouring the mall for the latest and greatest make up, and when I see a priceline they know they are about to spend 30 minutes in there whilst I um and arrhh over all the different colours to choose for before not getting any of them and choosing something completely different!

 Here we dont have anything like sephora :'( but we do have mecca maxima, which sells high end brands that aren't in david jones or myre such as NARS, Smashbox, Two Faced etc etc... I didnt realise it exsisted until I saw it in Warringa Mall...no joke i nearly died of happiness and then of guilt as i walked out with an empty wallet haha. I caved and bought the cult favourite NARS sheer glow foundation it was $68 which is pretty pricey bug I love it so much and it's the perfect colour for me since I am so pale! ( colour monte blanc )

Next high end item that I got was my m.a.c select cover-up in NC20 to replace my beloved studio fix concealer which lasted me forever! This one is a shade darker but it works well with my foundation and easy to blend. It has a creamy consistency which I love. This one was $32 which I was ok with since my other one lasted me so long and no I don't believe in make up used by dates haha oopsie...

Now moving on to my more affordable products. I'm going by brand and first up is e.l.f which has only hit stores this year for us Aussies and it has been flying off the shelves so quickly and every time I get a chance to go to Kmart it is sold out, so I was very excited to find that all the products I wanted were in. 

The first is this all over colour stick in the shade pink lemonade, it even smells like pink lemonade!! So yummy. The consistency is really smooth and glides on easily plus the pay off is fantastic! For $3 it is definitely worth it! Another bonus is it can be used on your lips cheeks and eyes!

The second is a brow and lash gel which I needed since I ran out of my old one and nobody like unruly brows so again for $3 great buy and has excellent stay power so two thumbs up

Lastly for e.l.f is three make up brushes each was $3, I have seen youtubers like dulce candy using these and I was really surprised at how soft and dense they were out of the package. In the picture below from top to bottom their name of each is: 1. Defining eye brush 2. Blending eye brush 3. Eyeshadow brush 
It's pretty safe to say e.l.f is a new favourite of mine. 

Next brand is NYX it is slightly more than e.l.f but I couldn't resist trying the infamous butter gloss in crème brûlée, it is the perfect pinky nude shade I have ever tried and I can definitely see why there is such a hype over these glosses. This one was $9.95 so a bit more but still cheaper than maybelline or rimmel

Ulta 3 I have only seen in chemists in Australia but I could be wrong. Any way they do lipsticks and nail polish and I have occasionally seen their eyeshadow range. For $2 I picked up this deep red colour in a matte look which is really pretty. However it isn't very smooth and doesn't glide in easily but it's $2 so I guess I can't really complain. 

Kmart sells their own lip and nail brand called lips and tips. I picked up a pick glitter pot for $3 which I thought was a bit of fun. 
 The other brand they sell which is cheap is a nameless one but I got a nude lip liner for $4 which has amazing consistency I was very impressed. 

Finally I got bad to the bronze colour tattoo by maybelline it was on sale at $7 and the colour is so pigmented and easy to work with it is definitely my favour eyeshadow of the moment! 

So there we have it guys my haul of an extremely wide range of priced products for everyone. Let me know if you use any of these or have a recommendation for me to try out next time I'm at the shops