Saturday, 5 April 2014

Physicians Formula Review

I hardly even repurchase makeup items as I always want to try the latest and greatest thing on the shelves. However I have repurchased two items from the physicians formula line over three times!! They are the organic wear jumbo lash mascara and the eye booster 2 in 1 eyeliner. 
The mascara I first discover on graveyard girls YouTube channel ( if you don't know her go check her out she is so great and full of energy) 

From the packaging to the product I love almost everything about this mascara it lasts most of the day however if you are an emotional person like me this mascara  can be lethal when your eyes water as it stings a bit when it comes in contact with your eye and also takes a little while to dry but it gives lashes a really nice look.

This eyeliner is to die for and I can not get over it I have never ever ever ever found a liquid liner which is as easy and as long lasting than this one.I have swam in this eyeliner, been in a storm in this eyeliner and suffered terrible humidity in it and it never budges unless I take it off with make up remover or whilst using my cleanser. The other bonus is that it has a lash serum in it which enhances lashes fullness and length... Seriously ladies go but it! The tip it is actually lots of little fibres which make up the point which allows for a lot of different size lines. Other products I purchased have been a highlight and a eyeshadow palette. 

I apply it to my cheekbones and cuspids bow as a highlight and I love it's soft glowing effect it gives The last product us the eyeshadow palette 

It is perfect for day wear and has really nice neutral colours the only thing is they aren't that pigmented however you can build it up 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have got any favourite products that you always use 

p.s i took photos of each item but them deleted so i just used pictures i found on the physicians formula website, I am so sorry, but dont worry my next post will be back to my own photos xx