Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Whats on My iPhone

I am actually obsessed with finding new apps...no joke i have a problem. I like most of us out there love my phone and i have full blown freak outs when i cant find it for two seconds before realizing it was in my hand. The amount of times that i have emptied the entire content of my handbag onto the floor in the middle of where ever i am (eg train station, shopping centre, bathroom floor, car, school, bank, work....the list just goes on and on) its ridiculous.

The amount i rely on my phone is kind cray. It holds all my photos, events, emails, music and more. But what makes it my phone is the apps, the apps which i have carefully searched far and wide to find. So I am going to share with you my top 10 apps on my phone

10. Sleep Cycle
Tracks your sleeping pattern, how well you slept, how long you slept and all that jazz. So if, like me, you love knowing all things to do with your sleep cycles and patterns this app is da bomb.

9. Monument Valley
This game is full of trickery on your eyes and mind, the series of mazes that you need to work out at mind blowingly cool. I lalalooove it.

8. Moves
This app tracks your steps, distance, time and calories you burn whilst walking throughout the day. I think its pretty cool to see all that stuff plus it registers the different of walking to running to cycling...how cool. P.s please excuse my very little amount of walking below lol

7. Pinterest
For all the things you wish for, aspire to be or to go. I love this app so much, I mainly use it for travel inspo and home decor inspo. It has everything and you can pin images and websites in a board with other related items for conviencey.

6. Covet Fashion
I cant get enough. You get to dress your girl in this seasons clothes and mix and match outfits to suit the set events. It is so much fun plus you can vote on other peoples looks and can win prizes!

5. Guvera
I like this app because it allows you to listen to hundreds of different songs when connected to the wifi, and then when you arent connected it syncs the one you listened to online so you can still listen offline. Plus you can create playlists and share them with friends and its entirely free!

4. The Hunt
If you have ever seen something on tumblr, instagram in a magazine...basically where ever and really wanted it then get this app. You can upload the image of what you are looking for, if it be a bag, a top, even a pair of shoes, it then gets put out into the app and people help each other find it online! How cool is that! So everyone get it cause the more the merrier

3. Faded
This app has all your photo editing needs in one, you can put filters, light leaks, frames, gradients and even layer images plus its free! I never not use it to be honest, plus i used to have about ten different apps for editing photos now i just use this which saves a lot of space on my phone.

2. Instagram
I dont think i need to say anything really, its a classic and everyone should go follow me haha ( @alanadavisonn)

1. Wattpad
I love this app so much, i cant get over it, there are soo many books on there to read plus you can publish your own work for free. It is fab and also has all genres which is prefect for any mood. I always use it at work, because a) when its quite it fills in time b) it self scrolls through the pages which means i dont have to touch the screen whilst reading and you can also set the scroll to match your reading pace and c) the amount of books on there is redonculous

So there you have it, my top 10 picks for my phone apps. Let me know it you have any of these or have any for me to try out. So yeah, i highly recommend downloading these apps cause they are da bestest ever haha